Amsterdam – The Maritime Museum

There’s so much more to Amsterdam than bicycles, museums and pot. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Amsterdam on several occasions and recently, visited the Maritime Museum. If you’d like to see something different and unique, visit the Maritime Museum to learn more about the naval history of the Netherlands. Naturally, the museum sits on the water and a large replica of one of the vessels is sure to capture both your attention and imagination. Walking through the various decks, you can get a true sense of the conditions in which sailors of this era traveled. Replicas of goods that were exported are on display, highlighting the importance of these vessels and the mission at hand.

On display are also maps, books and pottery and any historian at heart will lose hours wandering the halls and imagining these vessels during their heyday. An interactive video exhibit takes you through the entire journey from boarding the ship to feeling lost at sea. At the end of the virtual voyage, you are left with real life impressions of what it meant to travel on one of these ships.

Like most museums, the tour ends with a visit to the museum gift shop and cafe. If you have the time, I would encourage you to stop and order something off the menu. Soup, sandwiches and desserts are all equally heavenly and sure to round out this amazing experience. The other museums Amsterdam is known for (Anne Frank house, the Van Gogh, etc.) should also be visited but if you want a more complete image Dutch history, the Maritime Museum should not be missed.

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