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Getting my license

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” Gabriel García Márquez

Motorcycles are a big part of my family stories. My dad rode a motorcycle when he and my mom dated. My first boyfriend bought a motorcycle when he turned eighteen. My husband rode a motorcycle when he and I met. My brother used to drop me off at school on the back of his motorcycle and both of my sisters rode mopeds before they ever got cars. It wasn’t that I didn’t want a license but rather, I was always busy with something else that taking rides on the back seemed just fine. Despite the fact that I’ve consistently put “getting a motorcycle license” on every list of things-to-do-before-I-die, it wasn’t until the very last days of 2016 that I finally got around to it.
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France Travel

Chateau Chalon

Before our visit, we’d never heard of Jura, Jura wines or Chateau-Chalon. Pictures of the village were featured in a German motorcycle magazine so we decided since it wasn’t too far away, we’d take a trip out there to see if the area lived up to the hype. Voted one of the 100 most beautiful villages in France by the Ministry of Culture, the rustic medieval town of Chateau-Chalon sits nestled atop a hill, surrounded by vineyards below and farmlands, mountain lakes and breathtaking waterfalls only a few kilometers away.

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France Travel


Within the Franche-Comte region of France, is the Jura district. Located across the border from Switzerland and about a 2 hour drive south of Strasbourg, Jura is home to a lesser known wine region. It is lesser known, because the wine is not exported internationally in great numbers. The Jura mountains are not only ideal for producing wine, they also features several grottos, lakes and waterfalls. It is a wonderful area to enjoy nature trails on foot or by bicycle and every season offers its own variety of activities. The regional cuisine includes local terrines, wines, fish, and the Bresse Chicken which is a chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and served with a white sauce made using Vin Jaune (and is delicious).

Tradition rules in this area. Wine festivals can be found throughout the year, celebrating the harvest and the vintage. To the villages of Jura, wine is a part of life – as directed by the Bible – and must not be abused. The rules for producing wines are taken very seriously. In fact, it was in this region, that the first wine cooperative was born. The popular bank, Credit Agricole was born from the movement to create wine cooperatives.
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Italy Travel

Amalfi Coast

Located about an hour and a half drive south of Naples, lies the famous Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy. The coast officially stretches from the northern end of Sorrento to the southernmost end of Salerno. Along the windy stretch of coastline lie several villages varying in size, each boasting its own unique character and charm.

From the local citrus groves, come the lemons that have officially been sanctioned for the production of Limoncello, an after dinner liqueur. The Mediterranean Sea offers a lovely array of fish and other seafood that is seamlessly incorporated into the dishes served at the many fine restaurants in the area.

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